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Wallet Memorial Cards

We create Wallet Memorial Cards for convenience and assurance that you always have that special memory to hand. Wallet memorials have become very popular in recent times as the size makes them really easy to carry around with you. Our Wallet memorials are laminated for durability.

Choose from the portrait style 5 cm x 9 cm or the landscape wallet memorial measures 9 cm x 5 cm to accommodate the style of the image you want to use. Our Wallet memorials are created in the shape and size of a business card, so we know they will fit in your wallet easily.


Envelopes for Wallet Memorials are available at 10c each.

Plus .. Acknowledgement Cards For A Complete Tribute

We have found that in the case of the deceased being a younger person wallet memorial and memorial bookmarks seem to be taking the place of traditional Memorial cards, so if this is your preferred option we will work with you to create a truly personalized design. Then you can add Acknowledgement cards / Memorial Thank you cards with your Wallet memorials for a complete memorial package.

As with our other Memorial Cards, we aim to help you create a really personal tribute, so talk to us if there is a special message or verse you want to include on the wallet memorial.


As with the other Memorial tributes, the ordering process is the same and you download our brochure HERE.


You can view a full selection of our Acknowledgement Cards by clicking HERE. 

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